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In a exceptional twist of occasions, a four-foot-long Indian rock python discovered itself in an inconceivable scenario because it made its method as much as the thirteenth flooring terrace of a tower in Mumbai’s bustling Ghatkopar(west) neighborhood. The astonishing sight left native residents each puzzled and anxious, questioning how the snake would obtain such heights.

To reply this, pythons, basically, are wonderful climbers, able to ascending bushes and different elevated surfaces with relative ease. Their robust muscle groups and specialised scales, together with the flexibility to coil round objects, enable them to navigate by way of terrains, together with bushes. 

Residents and animal lovers swiftly united to make sure the protection of the python. The information concerning the python perched on the terrace caught the eye of Sooraj Saha, an animal activist who holds a place at an IT agency in Mumbai. Saha and his group reached the viraj paradise on the LSB street, Ghatkopar(west).

Upon studying of the reptile’s predicament once they discovered the python drenched in moist cement as a result of ongoing building work, he was compelled to take motion and instantly assembled his group to reply to the scenario, contacting the state forest division  to hunt their experience and intervention to rescue the large creature.

Responding promptly to the misery name, a group led by Mumbai vary forest officer Rakesh Bhoir swiftly arrived on the scene to evaluate the scenario and make sure the security retrieval of the Python. Given, the Indian rock python is a protected species, the urgency of its retrieval was evident. Fortuitously, those that found the Python on the terrace displayed nice duty and avoided harming it. This displays the rising wildlife consciousness and the empathy amongst them.

Indian Python, python molurus

Sooraj Saha, applauded and counseled this accountable habits. He burdened the significance of understanding that harming and killing snakes or any wildlife for that matter, is prohibited and detrimental to the ecosystem. Saha additional emphasised on the importance of defending and preserving these giants to keep up ecological stability and harmonious coexistence with the wildlife. The profitable rescue of the python was the testomony of the collaborative efforts of involved residents, animal lovers, and the devoted group of the forest division. 


The python is among the largest snake species on the planet. It may attain upto the size of 4 to six meters(13-20 ft) and weigh over 90 kilograms. It has a sturdy physique coated in clean shiny scales. Coloration varies, nevertheless it usually has a background shade that may be shades of yellow, tan and brown with darker blotches or patches working alongside their backs and sides.

They’re broadly adaptable and may be present in a variety of habitats together with grasslands, swamps, marshes and forests. They’re equally at house on the bottom in addition to within the bushes. They aren’t arboreal like another python species.

As constrictors they primarily prey on rodents, deer, monkeys and different massive mammals like wild boars. They’re non venomous and kill by squeezing the prey. These pythons are usually nocturnal and hunt at evening. They’re oviparous which means as soon as mate with the feminine, they lay about 20 to 100 eggs, which she is going to incubate by coiling round them to maintain them heat and guarded.