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TEBBUTT | Every Little Chicken That Sings: Why Atheists Want Worship, Too

Every little circulate’r that opens,
every little fowl that sings,
He made their glowing colours,
He made their tiny wings.

As I walked out throughout the Slope in early spring, I heard the acquainted rapid-fire trills that give the Chipping sparrow (Spizella passerina) its identify. They appeared to come back from the little stand of White Pines (Pinus strobus) whose trunks dandle many a hammock through the summer season, and whose five-needle clusters symbolize peace among the many Haudenosaunee Nations. The sparrows additionally share a protracted and storied relationship with the conifer, although this household’s superbly crafted nest was dangling, capsized, from a decrease department:

One of the best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Males