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WEIRENS | A Fruitless Endeavor

The hoggish college students lined up, nudging the road ahead, desirous to get their night grubs. There was a bountiful number of completely different salads, greens, tofu, conventional American programs, Asian fusion, pizza, home made pasta, yogurt and eight completely different flavors of Cornell Dairy ice cream, not together with the three completely different flavors of soppy serve churning within the nook. Nearly day by day is an effective day to be a hungry pupil at Cornell. Our gifted cooks work exhausting to feed us nicely. Nonetheless, there’s one obtrusive shortcoming that Cornell has: There’s nearly no fruit to be present in any of our eating halls. A few wedges of beneath ripe cantaloupe, picked over and in a puddle of juice together with a basket of bruised, unripe bananas and crusty oranges by the doorway is the same old providing.

Given how sickly the typical Cornellian appears to be (go sit in a lecture corridor and be serenaded by a symphony of coughing and sneezing) and the way little daylight the typical pupil right here will get, fruit is particularly important. The cramped situations of dorm dwelling and Collegetown housing are very best breeding grounds for the unfold of illness, and one of many few tangible ways in which Cornell can increase our immune methods is by offering extra fruit on campus. I do know numerous college students who’re completely wholesome that come to Cornell and are chronically unwell whereas right here. It’s a typical apply amongst dad and mom, mine included, to ship their youngsters to Cornell with packets of vitamin C powder, understanding that we can not rely on our $7,000 annual meal plan to supply us with ample vitamin to maintain us wholesome. All of the tasty pizza and ice cream made me corpulent and jolly, however now I simply need my nostril to cease working. 

The crowning irony of this phenomenon is that Cornell has our personal analysis Orchards on campus, and we’re arguably the best faculty for agriculture on the earth. How come our fruit choice is so appalling? Why is Appel Eating Corridor, throughout peak apple season, in the course of upstate New York, utilizing year-old apples from Washington state as their fruit providing? As a former intern of the Cornell Orchards, I launched an investigation into the reasoning behind our actuality.