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YAO | Saying Goodbye to ‘Howdy Katie’

I’ve been accumulating snapshots for this remaining column since freshman yr. Amorphous concepts saved at the back of my thoughts, half-baked phrases within the notes app on my cellphone, 3 a.m. textual content message knowledge to buddies. But now, when I’ve to rework my jumbled miscellanea into coherent sentences, nothing I can write feels enough. In any case, how do you consolidate 4 years, one pandemic, 1,000,000 existential crises and a billion extra reminiscences right into a cohesive narrative? 

That is the twenty ninth and remaining piece that I’ll ever write for Howdy Katie, so to say The Solar was an enormous a part of my time at Cornell can be a gross understatement. I admittedly selected the title Howdy Katie for my column as a result of my 19-year-old mind thought wordplay on Howdy Kitty was the apex of wittiness. However my column title additionally signaled an introduction. Howdy Katie turned my approach of creating sense of Cornell and the unusual, horrible, great ordeal that’s faculty — and it allowed me a voice in order that Cornell may make sense of me. 

I joined The Solar as a freshman in January of 2020, and for the following 4 tumultuous semesters, these articles served as a relentless in my life. Like clockwork, the biweekly Sunday deadline offered me stability via the primary, daunting days of the pandemic, when my fledgling faculty profession took a steep nosedive into uncharted waters. I documented the weeks in limbo the place I had on a regular basis on this planet to ponder my existence, my main disaster (actually), my resolution to remain residence sophomore fall and my resolution to return to campus sophomore spring. As life returned to a normal-adjacent state — and I panicked over how restricted my time within the faculty bubble actually was — my column bore witness to a slew of upperclassman introspection. Within the security of my Google Docs, I grappled with the discombobulation of being a junior with the normal faculty expertise of a freshman, discovered what it meant to develop up and develop unbiased and raced to chronicle the small joys I had missed out on for 1.5 years.